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"They laughed when I said I made over $100,000 in 3 months - until I showed them my pay stubs..."
 - Erik Brown
  • Secret #1: Learn the 7 essential assembly line steps that doubled my business 3 years in a row.   
  •  Secret #2: The better the tools, the better the carpenter. These 10 tools transformed me from running crazy to running fast and efficient
  •  Secret #3: All the world's a stage.  See the scripts I use to get business every week.  Wash, rinse, repeat, without sounding like a snake oil salesman.
  •  Secret #4: How I grew my client and prospect base from 0 to 2000 in a year, and how it continues to pay dividends.
  •  Secret #5: A Collection Of Templates You Can Use Every Time You Need A "Cash Injection" Into Your Business + the marketing automation tool we used 
  • Read the simple steps you can add inside your day to day to increase immediate profit .

This extensive, well tested document is based on successful practices that have been tested and repeated successfully on over 600 home sales since 2005.  

Become THE Expert

I have over 25 billionaires in my phone.  I've seen success, and I've met hundreds of Real Estate Professionals.  None of them have a system like this.

 - Christopher Kai, Author, Big Game Hunting

Grow your business

As a Wealth Advisor, my business is Money. This report will be the best investment you make if you are looking to 10 x your income.

-Adam Torres, Owner, CC Wealth Management
I have had a good real estate business for years, but I've plateaued.  I can't seem to get over the hump... until now.

After seeing or trying several "new and improved" lead magnets, supposed fool proof marketing ideas, and next big things, it's safe to say that THIS program is one of the best decisions I have made professionally.  I've told Erik over and over again how much I admire and respect what he has built.  To date, I have not met ANYONE who understands the methods and importance of building a solid business foundation like he does.

Darrin H.  - Realtor
Create a Non Stop Pipeline
Do you find yourself trying the next greatest marketing idea to find new clients?  Now you can stop chasing shiny objects around.  This report covers some simple yet successfully proven ideas you can implement TODAY, for free.  Be it 20 year veteran or 1st year agent, this report was written for you to use.
Have Foundational Systems
Inside you'll find real time examples of tools you can personalize to enhance your client's experience and get more referrals and overall business.  Take the guesswork out of where your next client comes from and immediately develop the method to get the right people to become the right clients.  These systems were created and tested, not opinions to try.  
Save Thousands of Hours
Wording the right email can take a half hour or more.  Imagine how long it takes to build a repeatable successful business?  Hundreds if not thousands of hours building, testing, and tweaking.  Time is money.  Take back your life; find out how to save yourself all this time and leverage faster growth.

A Word From The Author

Real Estate has been extremely bountiful to me, and I want to share this success and passion with th world.  That's what this report is about.  The information I share with you inside these pages alone will transform the businesses of fellow salespeople, let alone Realtors. 

-Erik Brown
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I am constantly offering new reports, guides, and ideas, and tweak this site often.  Why risk losing a pot of gold right under your feet?  The Easy-to-use report was written with busy salespeople in mind and can be used right now.